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Chris & Gwen, 65+
Clients of KP Financial Planning since 1998

“We have known Damien for many years, having initially been clients of Damien’s father from 1998 till he retired and Damien took over. He has always been very helpful, especially when we retired and were able to apply for an age pension. Damien guided us very ably throughout that process and has continued to do so. He keeps in touch regularly and will always assist if we need help or advice. Damien makes suggestions when needed and always explains his reasons fully. We feel very confident that he has our best interests in mind and are happy to be guided by him.”

Sue, 65+
Client of KP Financial Planning since 1986

“I have a lot of confidence in Greg. He has always been available and helped my late husband and I set our plans into the future as self-funded retirees. Now, as a widow, I fully trust Greg’s advice and leadership into my future plans.”

John & Nola, 65+
Clients of KP Financial Planning since 1980s

Greg and his dad Pat have been there for us for over 30 years. The service is always friendly, courteous, patient and beneficial. I find Greg very trustworthy and would not hesitate recommending him to prospective clients.”

Mike & Jenny, 55-64
Clients of KP Financial Planning

Greg has given us advice on superannuation, insurance, cash-flow, property investment and retirement planning. He has been very helpful, given excellent advice and is passionate about providing the best possible advice.”

Les & Sue, 65+
Clients of KP Financial Planning

“We have been with Greg for many years, formerly being with his father. We are very confident in the advice Greg has given and his hard work in planning for our future. His advice has been followed and we are now living comfortably, and we attribute this to Greg as our super wasn’t much but through his judgement we have a secure future.”

Kevin & Julie, 56-65
Clients of KP Financial Planning since 2012

Greg has provided a service to expand our family portfolio and done so in a professional manner. I could write a stream of words but I trust that when a person advises they are comfortable and confident to act as a reference for recommendations, that’s the best resume you can give for the comfort and security of advice Greg provides.”

Personal Insurance
Carl & Jan, 56-65
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg has given advice in a number of areas including retirement and pension suggestions. He was particularly helpful with an insurance claim and we can’t express our appreciation enough for the assistance he provided. Over a number of years Greg has kept us up-to-date with news and information that suits our requirements.”

Jeff & Dianne, 65+
Clients of KP Financial Planning

“We have been involved with the Roberts family since Greg’s father Pat, was our adviser. Greg has followed admirably, allowing us to feel extremely confident with decisions that are made. Greg has managed our superannuation very confidently and always tries to be on the ball when it comes to the world market. We never have to worry about getting enough attention as Greg follows through with every commitment.”

Kaye, 65+
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg has been my financial adviser for quite a few years and I have always had full confidence in his knowledge and expertise. He has managed my superannuation and given me advice on other investments. Greg is always available to answer any questions I may have and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.”

Anne & Russell, 65+
Clients of KP Financial Planning

“We have been with KP Financial Planning for many years (originally with Greg’s father Pat). The service has always been excellent and Greg’s friendly character and helpful advice has been important to us as we moved into retirement. He is always willing to look into any queries we may have and always keeps in touch.”

Peter, 65+
Client of KP Financial Planning

Damien has given me advice in areas including self managed super funds for over 20 years. Damien was able to clearly explain things. Damien’s knowledge made me feel confident in the advice I was given. Damien is always contactable and prompt in dealing with situations as they occur – l would highly recommend him to anyone looking for financial advice “

Geoff & Alison, 65+
Clients since 2017

“We trust Damien‘s advice. He is both ethical and professional. We were having problems in continuing our management of our investments and superannuation. He advised us on a spread of investments – including annuities which we had not previously invested in. The strategic reviews are greatly valued and we consider that we are as well placed as possible in a dynamic and uncertain investment world. We believe we receive first class advice and are most satisfied customers.”

Owen & Diane, 59 & 69
Clients since 2014

“We have been with Damien for a number of years. He keeps in contact regularly and has always provided appropriate advice, when required, that has been invaluable – and provided support during Covid. We have recommended him to family and friends on a number of occasions.”

Jan, 65+
Client since 2011

Damien looks after me perfectly. He knows how I think and what I expect. He contacts me when he needs to but doesn’t bombard me. He puts a lot of thought into personally planning and then managing my superannuation fund investments, and then quietly explains the changes well. Without his help and advice about my super fund, I honestly don’t know what I would have done. I never have to worry about it and I trust him completely – and he has never let me down. I can ask him anything at any time, but rarely need to. What more can I say? I just feel lucky to have him looking after my fund – as I did when his father managed my super.”

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Simon, 56-65
Client since 2012

Damien has advised me for several years now and has more than delivered regarding all aspects of financial planning, superannuation, and insurance protection. I am very pleased that he is at the helm.”

In lacinia ipsum eget ligula.
Jennifer, 65+
Client since 2005

Damien has always discussed fully all facets of super funds and offered sound advice at all times. He has been extremely helpful in assisting with documentation required for Centrelink, offered the benefits of a funeral fund and continues with follow up appointments to review my portfolio. Damien is a very amiable person who takes interest in you as an individual, is extremely cordial and is one in whom you can trust.”

wealth management
Larry, 56-65
Client of KP Financial Planning

“I have been receiving excellent advice from Greg, and before that his dad, Pat, since starting work over 40 years ago. Greg has always been very helpful and very keen to provide the best advice for the ever-changing market and life situations. The advice has now provided my family with a comfortable nest egg for our future retirement. Greg is a friendly and trustworthy professional that I would recommend to prospective clients.”

Robyn & Dennis, 65+
Clients of KP Financial Planning

“We wanted to transfer a portion of our SMSF into Australian Super and Greg gave us advice and comparisons with other options. He explained everything very clearly. After meeting with Greg we were confident that we were making the correct move.”

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Roger, 65+
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg has been my adviser for many years and I have always found him to be very helpful, he takes the time to explain things in a way that I can understand. Today I needed some clarification on superannuation and Greg went through it all very thoroughly and helped myself and my partner to choose the best path for our superannuation moving forward.”

Tracey, 46-55
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg went over and above my expectations and provided a clear, comprehensive set of options for me to consider regarding my long term financial security and retirement plans. Having lost my partner, it was really important for me to find someone I could really trust, who would listen and who ultimately would have my best interests in the forefront. Greg listens carefully to your concerns and goals before undertaking detailed research to provide information to help you make an informed decision. He keeps you informed of progress and checks in to ensure all the details are spot on. There is no hard sell whatsoever and the fees are very reasonable and he will do his best to tailor a package that you can afford. I can’t recommend Greg highly enough and I will be seeking his advice in the future as I implement my plan.”

Ingrid, 46-55
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg has been very easy to deal with. He is full of the knowledge that we required and gave very sound advice. We now are moving forward towards retirement a lot more confidently than we were before we started this process.”

Paul, 56-65
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg was recommended by a trusted work colleague in a similar situation as me: newbie to financial planning – 10 years out from retirement, juggling investment flat and looking to upscale to dream retirement home. Essential to Greg’s process is a “getting to know you” Q&A that was relaxed and fun, but did not shy away from the big questions such as what I really wanted in life. Although complex, Greg was able to explain the financial bottom lines – I say lines because I requested projections re several scenarios (some audacious!) and he was happy to deliver and explain these. I feel confident Greg has given me solid advice and I’m happy to recommend his services!”

Barbara, 65+
Client of KP Financial Planning

“The first appointment we had with Greg was aged care fees. Greg was able to help us with reducing aged care fees in nursing for my parents and also gave advice on selling the family home – an excellent document outlining our options! At another appointment Greg was very helpful to me by going through the documents of title transfer and signing appropriate documents. Thank you Greg for your helpful assistance and best wishes for your business.”

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Henry, 65+
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg was recommended on the Australian Super website. He is a very amiable and approachable person who my wife and I enjoyed sitting down with. With his help, we are now moving forward towards retirement (albeit late) a lot more confidently than we were before we started this process. We feel confident that Greg has given us good advice and we are more than happy to recommend his services and knowledge.”

Ian, 65+
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg identified the long and medium-term benefits of various investment options. Being fairly understanding myself of the overall financial situation, he provided the details and breadth of options available to me. A very amiable and approachable person who I enjoyed sitting down with – he accurately interpreted my financial needs and aspirations.”

Karen, 56-65
Client of KP Financial Planning

Greg had given my husband and I useful advice in superannuation, insurance and retirement options. He consistently follows up and notifies us at each step. I recommend his service and knowledge.”

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Graham & Verna, 65+
Clients of KP Financial Planning

“We have known Damien and his father Pat, for 20 years. During that period, our retiring years, we have asked for their advice and assistance. We have been well treated and followed advice that has been given.”


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It is important to plan well in advance for your retirement. We understand that everyone’s retirement needs differ and we will determine the most appropriate retirement platform for your situation, including taxation considerations and Centrelink entitlements…more

wealth management

We understand you have worked hard for your money and you want to ensure it works hard for you. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge, we are well placed to manage and build your wealth and we value an ongoing relationship with our clients…more

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Superannuation can be one of the most complex and involved aspects of any financial plan and it’s important to ensure you understand how your funds are invested. We provide advice on industry superannuation funds, retail funds and self-managed superannuation funds…more

Personal Insurance

Most people insure their car but very few people insure their income or themselves. We provide comprehensive insurance plans that cover all types of wealth protection insurance including Income Protection, Life, Total and Permanent Disablement, and Trauma…more


Our Advisers are Authorised Representatives of Matrix Planning Solutions

Greg Roberts
Joint Principal Director

MTax (Curtin University)
Dip FP

Financial Services Guide (FSG)
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Damien Roberts
Joint Principal Director

Adv Dip FS (FP)

Financial Services Guide (FSG)
Damien Roberts’ Adviser Profile

Julie Windebank
Julie Windebank
Financial Adviser

Dip FP | Adv Dip FS (FP)
Fellow Chartered FP (FChFP)

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